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These JSB Exact King were the first design for the .25 caliber and they have been extremely popular since the day they were introduced. JSB produces some of the most consistent and accurate pellets in the industry, when those who love to shoot .25 caliber saw these hit the streets the flew out the door. They …

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This is what you have been waiting for, a portable radar chronograph that fits in your pocket! Custom designed by FX for the airgun world, this fully portable gadget is the a dream come true for the airgun enthusiast. It pairs easily with an intuitive smart phone app that gives you instant feedback on both FPS and FT/LBS.


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That's the rest of my air guns chrono'd and it was a quick and easy job, in fact good fun. Fortunately nothing overpowered, but one surprise, my new Prosport .22 shooting at just 10 ft lbs with AA Field pellets Still, it's pinpoint accurate and looks lurvley I'm thinking of buying a Chronograph for my 12ft/lb air rifles and I would appreciate if you can recommend to me a make and model. The type I'm looking for is a free standing one, (not the type you place on the end of the barrel) that records and displays the shot information. Your suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Mike

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Aug 31, 2019 · The only exception is if it's airgun related - they must be put in the Airgun Related Politics section.. We will not tolerate bullying or personal attacks, racism or any other offensive 'isms'. we will remove these topics from the forum, we will not give you an area where you can abuse each other. We will not hesitate to ban offenders. Caldwell Precision Premium: This shooting chronograph model comes with many different accessories, including a tripod and a dovetail plate. It can tracks shots at speeds of up to 9,999 feet per second. What is a shooting chronograph? A shooting chronograph measures the velocity of the gun as it leaves the barrel and travels to the target.

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